Incontinence Products

Do you feel embarrassed or anxious when you laugh, cough or bend over in case you have an "accident"?

You are not alone with these problems - nearly one million people in Australia suffer to some degree from bladder or bowel incontinence.

If you are experiencing these difficulties or are caring for someone who does, help is available through your doctor, your local continence nurse or the Continence Foundation Helpline Tel: 9386 9777.

While you are seeking professional help for this condition, MEDIHIRE & SALES has a range of Incontinence products and underwear that may help you through a difficult time.

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These products provide you with the highest possible protection, comfort and peace of mind.

Call into one of our stores or ring and make a time to discuss your personal requirements. Our caring staff (male and female) will discreetly help you select what is most suitable for your needs.

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The Australis Government has a scheme (called CAPS), which provides a payment to assist people to meet some of the costs of their incontinence products.

If you are eligible, you need to complete a CAPS application form, and your health professional must complete the Health Report component. The application must then be returned to Medicare Australia.

For further information, call the following number:

Medicare Australia 13 20 11

National Continence Helpline 1800 33 00 66