LO-LO Long Single
The Lo Lo Fully Adjustable Electric bed with Trendelenburg & reverse Trendelenburg positions

The Lo-Lo is a Mobility focused Adjustable bed that features Trendelenburg positioning as well as sitting very low to the ground in its lowest position. The Lo-Lo is ideal for those transitioning from/to a wheelchair and for those who require a wider range of height options while also retaining the look of a classic bed. 



  • Hi-Lo Lift Functionllls.png
  • Trendelenburg Positions
  • Low Point: 225mm (base only)
  • High Point: 630mm (base only)
  • Wired Hand Control
  • 180kg weight rated



  • Long Double 2030mm x 1370mm

  • King Single 2040 x 1070mm

  • Long Single 2040 x 920mm