Molicare Mobile - Super - (XL)
A skin-friendly pull-up pant for moderate to heavy incontinence which looks and feels like normal underwear whilst offering the highest level of leakage protection.
Code: 915874
$ 37.00

A pull-up which looks and feels like normal underwear, suitable for men and women. 
MoliCare Mobile Super is for severe incontinence offering high-level leakage protection while keeping the skin dry and pH balanced to lower the risk of incontinence related skin irritation. 
MoliCare Mobile features an ultra-absorbent 3 layer absorption core for rapid absorption, inner leak cuffs for maximum leakage protection, odour neutralisers for high-level confidence and soft textile-like materials to ensure wearing comfort. 
The tear open seams at the sides allow for easy changing. 
Absorption capacity - 2250ml. 
Suitable for hip/waist measurements 130-170cm.


  • Pull up pad which looks and feels like normal underwear

  • Suitable for both men and women

  • 3 layer absorbent core keeps skin dry

  • Maintains the skin pH and reduces the risk of incontinence related skin irritation

  • Inner leakage cuffs for maximum leakage protection

  • Odour neutralisers for high level confidence

  • Soft textile like materials for ultimate wearing comfort

  • Tear open side seams for easy changing

  • Suitable for very heavy incontinence

  • MoliCare Mobile Super Extra Large can absorb up to 2250 ml of liquid

  • Can fit waist and hip between 130 and 170 cm

  • 14 Products per pack