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Premium Men Pad 4 Drop
V-shaped designed for male anatomy. Anti-leakage cuffs and highly absorbent core. Breathable textile backsheet to ensure skin integrity is maintained
Code: 168705
$ 17.50


Designed specifically for the male anatomy, the V - shaped pad is for light incontinence. 
The highly absorbent 3 layer core offers maximum absorption and helps keep the skin dry and pH balanced to lower the risk of incontinence related skin irritation. 
MoliMed for Men Protect provides odour neutralisers and breathable textile backsheet for ultimate discretion and comfort. 
Absorption capacity - 475ml


  • A skin friendly v-shaped pad for light incontinence, designed specifically for the male anatomy
  • Anti-leak cuffs and a highly 3 layer absorption core for maximum security
  • The odour neutralisers and breathable textile backsheet ensures discretion and comfort
  • MoliMed for Men Protect can absorb up to 475ml of liquid
  • 14 products per pack