Pick Up Reacher - Handi Grip (660mm)
Designed for maximum usability and minimum effort you will be truly amazed what you can use the Handigrip for. High or low, or between narrow gaps, there's no end to the places you will be able to safely reach
Code: 4600
$ 45.00


  • Ideal for people who have difficulty stretching or bending, or with limited hand strength

  • Durable, lightweight aluminium shaft

  • Unique aripcert jaw provides positive and precise pick-up

  • Stainless steel wire eliminates stretch and wear

  • Ergonomic handgrip design delivers greater power and comfort

  • Effortless two finger trigger action

  • Multi position rotating head



Overall Length (mm) 660 

Overall Width (mm) 30

Overall Height (mm) 105 

Unit Weight (g) 220

Warranty (months) 12