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Bath Transfer Board, Curved, Homecraft
Code: AA8835
$ 196.00

The Homecraft Curved Transfer Board is a transfer aid for users with limited strength and mobility.  The curved shape of the board enables a variety of positioning options and is designed to fit around protrusions such as car door frames and wheelchair wheels in order to create a firm, continuous sweeping path of assisted transfer where possible. Additionally, the transfer is ideal for bed, chair and toilet transfers.  PVC pads on the underside are designed to stabilise the board against other surfaces during the transfer. 

The polypropylene surface is waterproof and resistant to chipping, splintering and shattering.  It is designed to provide minimal resistance to a sideways sliding movement.   It can be cleaning using household grade disinfectant or mild detergent and water.  This transfer board is not suitable for users who suffer from an allergy to PVC or dermatitis. 



Overall Width: 70cm
Overall Depth: 37cm
Overall Weight: 1.95kg
Load Capacity: 152kg