Try before you buy

Tue, 22 May 2018

Hire before you buy and home demonstration options.

Some products such as power chairs and motorised scooters need to operate within limited and sometimes, considerably confined spaces inside your home. For example, there may not be enough room for certain motorised scooters to turn, or power chairs to pivot and manoeuvre safely within the rooms or passageways of your home. 

We have a small range of scooters, power chairs and recliner-lift chairs available for hire or in-home demonstration prior to purchase so that you can test their suitability and be sure that they meet your needs and surroundings before you buy. 

Our recommendation is to always test that a recliner-lift chair extends properly and unimpeded by other furniture or objects within the space you have selected for it. To this end and to avoid disappointment, we suggest that one is either hired for a short period of time to test its suitability, or that an in-home demonstration is booked before you purchase. 

Rest assured, our experienced and friendly staff will always give you the best advice, ensuring your new purchase works properly and is situated in the safest and most appropriate operating-space inside your home. 

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