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Adjustable 6" Walker
Adjustable 6

Adjustable 6" Walker with hand brakes and under seat bag

Code: RG4209ADJ
Prices From: $ 195.00
Adjustable 8" Walker
Adjustable 8

Adjustable 8" Walker with hand brakes and under seat bag

Code: RG4210ADJ
Prices From: $ 195.00
AIRGO Fusion (8.5Kg)
AIRGO Fusion (8.5Kg)

Airgo Fusion Side-Folding Walker and Transport Chair

Code: 700-935
Prices From: $ 640.00
Airgo Ultra-Light 6
Airgo Ultra-Light 6

Ultra-Light Seat Walker designed for easy transport

Code: 700-950
Prices From: $ 370.00
“CrossOver” Seat Walker...
“CrossOver” Seat Walker & Occasional Transit Chair Walker

Robust seat walker that converts into a transit chair

Code: RG4408
Prices From: $ 330.00
Forearm Walker
Forearm Walker

Ergonomic adjustable forearm walker

Code: RG4310AA
Prices From: $ 295.00
Grande 8" Walker
Grande 8

Grande Walker (Aluminium) - With 8" Wheels...

Code: RG4206
Prices From: $ 195.00
Gutter Walker with...
Gutter Walker with handbrakes - Days (150Kg)

Designed to keep the user in an upright position for gait training

Code: DAYS-203B
Prices From: $ 260.00
Knee Walker, with brakes...
Knee Walker, with brakes (Standard 130Kg)

A knee walker is a four-wheeled alternative to crutches or a traditional walker as mobility aid.

Code: RG30KW
Prices From: $ 390.00
Lock 'N' Load Seat Walker...
Lock 'N' Load Seat Walker Folding Clip

Device for keeping walking frames closed when transporting

Code: RG4200
Prices From: $ 8.00
Petite 6" Walker
Petite 6

Petite Walker (Aluminium) - With 6" Wheels...

Code: RG4208AJ
Prices From: $ 170.00
Push Down Brakes Walker...
Push Down Brakes Walker (Aluminium) 5

Push Down Brakes Walker (Aluminium) - With 5" Wheels...

Code: RG4202AC
Prices From: $ 175.00
Seat Walker - Mack Series
Seat Walker - Mack Series

Three Mack models available, the Mini Mack, Mack and Mighty Mack

Code: RG4205
Prices From: $ 325.00
Standard 6" Walker
Standard 6

Easy to use lightweight folding walker with bag.

Code: RG4205AB
Prices From: $ 170.00
Taima Side Folding Seat Walker
Taima Side Folding Seat Walker

Taima Side Folding Seat Walker

Code: RG4500
Prices From: $ 260.00
Threshold Rubber Ramps
Threshold Rubber Ramps

Heavy recycled rubber ramps for use in the home with small steps or lips AS1428 Compliant

Code: TR025, TR050
Prices From: $ 32.00

3 Wheel Steel Folding walking aid...

Code: SE95038
Prices From: $ 165.00
Underarm Crutches
Underarm Crutches

Standard Auxiliary/Underarm Crutches, Multiple Sizes available

Code: 6010,6011,6012
Prices From: $ 46.00
Walking Frame - Coopers...
Walking Frame - Coopers Adjustable folding  no wheels

A simple, light weight aluminium, height adjustable, folding frame

Code: 6630,6631,6632
Prices From: $ 124.00
Walking Stick - Classic Range
Walking Stick - Classic Range

Classic style walking sticks with various handle types

Code: 6320, 6330, 6340
Prices From: $ 28.00

The comfort plus cane series sports the cushion-top handle, designed for optimum ergonomics...

Code: 730-442
Prices From: $ 35.00