Seat Walkers

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Airgo Excursion X20 Seat...
Airgo Excursion X20 Seat Walker, Side Folding, Pacific Blue

Very light-weight seat walker with industry leading stability.

Code: 700-921
Prices From: $ 520.00
Standard 6" Walker
Standard 6

Easy to use lightweight folding walker with bag.

Code: RG4205AB
Prices From: $ 185.00
Petite 6" Walker
Petite 6

Petite Walker (Aluminium) - With 6" Wheels...

Code: RG4208AJ
Prices From: $ 185.00
Grande 8" Walker
Grande 8

Grande Walker (Aluminium) - With 8" Wheels...

Code: RG4206
Prices From: $ 205.00
Seat Walker - Mack Series
Seat Walker - Mack Series

Three Mack models available, the Mini Mack, Mack and Mighty Mack

Code: RG4205
Airgo Excursion X20 -...
Airgo Excursion X20 - Standard Height

Lightweight Rollator for user heights of 5' to 6'2".

Code: 700-920
Airgo Excursion X18 - Small...
Airgo Excursion X18 - Small Height

Lightweight Rollator for user heights of 4'3" to 5'5".

Code: 700-926
Airgo Excursion X23 - Tall...
Airgo Excursion X23 - Tall Height

Lightweight Rollator for user heights of 5'9" to 6'11".

Code: 700-917
AIRGO Fusion (8.5Kg)
AIRGO Fusion (8.5Kg)

Airgo Fusion Side-Folding Walker and Transport Chair

Code: 700-935
Airgo Ultra-Light 6
Airgo Ultra-Light 6

Ultra-Light Seat Walker designed for easy transport

Code: 700-950
Prices From: $ 370.00
Adjustable 6" Walker
Adjustable 6

Adjustable 6" Walker with hand brakes and under seat bag

Code: RG4209ADJ
Prices From: $ 208.50
Adjustable 8" Walker
Adjustable 8

Adjustable 8" Walker with hand brakes and under seat bag

Code: RG4210ADJ
Prices From: $ 213.50
“CrossOver” Seat Walker...
“CrossOver” Seat Walker & Occasional Transit Chair Walker

Robust seat walker that converts into a transit chair

Code: RG4408
Prices From: $ 335.00
Lock 'N' Load Seat Walker...
Lock 'N' Load Seat Walker Folding Clip

Device for keeping walking frames closed when transporting

Code: RG4200
Prices From: $ 8.00
Push Down Brakes Walker...
Push Down Brakes Walker (Aluminium) 5

Lightweight seat walker ideal for those with hand mobility issues

Code: RG4202AC
Prices From: $ 175.00

Super light rollator with curved backrest and easy pull brakes

Code: 900-100
Prices From: $ 395.00