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*Alternating Air Mattress + Pump - Oska Alto
$80 p/week, $200 refundable deposit + $15 cleaning fee
Code: SM0117

The OSKA ARIA Pressure Care Mattress Series 4-V3 is an innovative pumpless air mattress. 

Suitable as an aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure damage up to and including Category 2. Category 3 only applies when the client is on a turning cycle. 

The pressure-relieving foam topper helps reduce shear providing the patient with immersive support and comfort. 

Air cells react instantly when the patient is repositioned, to equalise the pressure areas. 


Max User Weight: 230kg 
Size: 880mm x 2000mm x 180mm.

¢ Fire evacuation base 
¢ Pumpless- high comfort
¢ Anti-shear cover 
¢ Heel relief slope 
¢ Side wall support 
¢ Welded seams 
¢ V-Guard Technology cover.