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Community Bed
Four-part, profiling bed with electric high-low height adjustment
Code: BE1005

The BetterLiving Community Bed is incredibly practical yet versatile to suit a range of home care needs. It operates as a four-part, profiling bed with an electric high-low height adjustment, backrest, knee break, and Trendelenburg tilt to deliver multiple positioning options to suit every need.

The Community Bed is equipped with a lightweight, water-resistant hand controller with soft-touch buttons for raising, lowering and positioning, including one-touch auto contouring. It features a lockout function, ideal for patients incapable of operating the bed due to cognitive impairment. Each function can be individually locked out using the key, which is required to unlock and reactivate functionality. Available in two sizes, Single and King Single.


  • Four-part profiling bed with electric high-low height adjustment
  • Auto Contour feature simultaneously raises both the head and knees
  • Auto-regressive backrest helps prevent painful skin shearing
  • Powered by a high-quality Linak electric drive
  • Constructed from durable powder-coated steel
  • Includes a 200mm Length Extension and removable mattress retainers
  • Four high-quality individually lockable castor
  • Lightweight, water-resistant hand controller
  • One-touch auto contouring
  • Hand controller features lockout function