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Inner Lip Plate
Code: 1425
$ 62.00


Prevents Food from Sliding Off Plate

This adaptive plate is constructed with a raised inside edge to help prevent food from sliding off the plate. The deep inner lip provides users who have difficulty scooping their food with an edge to push the food against. Measuring 22.86cm (9) total in diameter, the plate is constructed with a 2.54cm (1) rim and 1.27cm (½) edge.


The curved inside edge keeps food from sliding off the plate to make self-feeding easier for children or adults. Made of polypropylene, these plates have a textured bottom to prevent food from sliding together.


Dishwasher Safe Up to 82 degrees Celsius (180 degrees Fahrenheit)

Designed to help reduce food spillage, the plates are dishwasher safe to 82 degrees celsius and microwave safe. Excellent for nursing homes or assisted living facilities, the plates are BPA, phthalates and latex-free. The thick plastic plastic can also withstand cutting and scraping for long-term use.