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Premium Lady Pants (L)
Anatomically shaped pants for light and moderate bladder weakness, providing secure protection while maintaining healthy skin.
Code: 915868
$ 18.00

MoliCare┬« Premium lady pants look and feel like regular underwear through anatomical shape, soft material and elastics for a comfortable fit and discreetness.
Curly fiber layer provides a highly antibacterial and pH 5.5 neutral effect to maintain healthy skin.
MoliCare┬« Premium lady pantsare dermatologically tested. The absorbent core neutralises odour and holds liquids quickly for a dry feeling. 
Maximum protection is secured, based on high quality material and anti-leakage system.
Worn like normal underwear, the products can be easily pulled on and off. Their ease of use enables active patients to continue with their autonomic life.

  • Waist/Hip: 100-150cm

  • Anatomically shaped pants for light bladder weakness providing secure protection while maintaining healthy skin.

  • Discreet wearing comfort, fits and feels like regular underwear.

  • Skin friendly because of soft and breathable material.

  • Skin friendly due to antibacterial character and pH buffering effect which helps to maintain a skin neutral pH value of 5.5

  • All-round protection is provided by fast absorption, anti-leakage system and odour neutraliser.

  • Additionally the topsheet is treated with Aloe Vera.

  • Dermatologically tested