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Mid-Size Lifting Hoist
Code: HF2029



The Oxford® Midi 180 has become the ‘gold standard’ in home care, offering surprising performance for a hoist of its size. The Midi is the perfect solution for both community and nursing environments, whilst being sympathetic to the space constraints it might encounter. 

Smart Monitor diagnostic and service controls as standard 
Electric leg spread 
High-grade Tente® castors for easy manoeuvrability 
Choice of three spreader bar sizes 
Detachable battery pack and desktop charger 
Optional Class III digital weigh-scale.


Safe working load 180kg / 27st / 397lbs 
SmartTM Monitor diagnostic and service controls as standard Length 1225 mm 
Maximum Overall Height 1840 mm 
Minimum Overall Height 1240 mm 
Maximum Spreader Bar Height 1660 mm 
Minimum Spreader Bar Height 525 mm 
Spreader Bar Height at Maximum Reach: 1060 mm 
Spreader Bar Reach at Maximum Height: 420 mm 
Spreader Bar Reach at Minimum Height: 440 mm 
Maximum Reach: 656 mm 
Turning radius 1235 mm 
Legs Open - External Width 1170 mm 
Legs Open - Internal Width 1070 mm 
Legs Closed - External Width 600 mm 
Legs Closed - Internal Width 540 mm 
Overall Height of Legs 100 mm 
Ground Clearance 25 mm 
Front Twin Castors 75 mm 
Rear Braked Castors 100 mm 
Mast and Boom Assembly 20.5 kg 
Base Assembly 11.5 kg 
Total Weight 32 kg