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Shear Comfort Cushion It 55x46cm
General use cover for use on wheelchairs, armchairs, and car seats.
Code: 2152
$ 134.75


The Shear Comfort Cushion-It provides exceptional comfort and protection from pressure ulcers for low to medium-risk users. It is ideal for use in a wheelchair, armchair, car seat, or over a back support to provide improved protection and comfort when seated. The Cushion It attaches to a seat or back of a chair using a hook and loop strapping. This allows for easy adjustment and a secure fit thereby enhancing comfort and protection by utilising the Shear Comfort XD 1900gsm wool.

They have a density of 1900 grams per square metre of natural lambswool, more than standard sheepskins and any other woven wool product. They provide extra density and excellent pressure redistribution. Easy to wash and maintain, products utilise the natural properties of wool to distribute pressure; dissipate heat and water vapour, and reduce the forces of friction and shear. Cushion It can also be used in conjunction with other pressure care cushions to enhance the user's comfort.

Products are warranted to withstand 50 washes at up to 80°C for required infection control. Manufactured with a unique Airtec process, a matrix of holes is introduced into the sheep skin to promote air circulation and reduce perspiration by allowing the skin to breathe.

  • Ideal for users who are seated for extended periods
  • Medical grade sheepskin overlay for extra density and pressure redistribution
  • Improve a seat by making sitting more comfortable, for longer
  • Airtec holes promote circulation and reduce perspiration
  • Reduces friction and shear; dissipates heat and moisture
  • Wool takes up to 30% of its weight in water vapour without feeling moist
  • The air trapped between the wool fibres allows heat and moisture to dissipate
  • Adjustable hook and loop straps on the back allow for it to be fixed on any seat or chair back
  • Machine washable at up to 80 degrees Celsius for bacteria eradication
  • Warranted to withstand 50 washes when following the manufacturer's washing instructions
  • Colour: Blue