Savanah Toilet Seat Raisers
Selection of different sized TSR's with or without lids
Code: AA2114Y
$ 75.00
Savanah TSR Type:


Raised toilet seat has a gentle downward slope toward the front makes getting on and off easier. Lightweight, all plastic construction offers strength, durability and warmth. Fully sealed unit cleans with a hard-surface disinfectant. Two L-shaped molded-plastic brackets keep the raised seat firmly on the toilet. Can be adjusted to fit onto most sizes and shapes of toilets.


  • Fitting and removing the seat is quick and easy
  • Overall 13.75" x 15.25"L

  • Bracket adjustment 12" x 15"

  • Seat opening is 10.6" x 8"

  • Weight capacity is 420 lbs.